Takistan Life: Changelogs

3/30/2020 Update
A minor update has been released
  • When police officers patrol a sector they are not assigned to, they get reduced paychecks. This will no longer be the case for chases or when officers are responding to situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the casino vault was not at its place.
7/7/2018 New siren system, prison breaks and a lot more!
  • New Feature: Prison Riots. Last long enough to temporarily break the jail doors. 
    • Requires atleast 3 prisoners
    • Can't happen more than once per RL hour
    • You need a jailtime of more than 10 minutes
    • If the leader of the riot dies or gets restrained, the riot fails!
  • Added ATM to prison (can be accessed from inside and outside prison)
  • Added Garage access to prison
  • Added Impound access to prison
  • Added vehicle shop to prison

  • Added own impound lot south of south airfield.
  • Added new car shop to the south west
  • Removed AA guns (warrant system takes place)

Other (but still good) Changes
  • Added to ability for everybody to use single quotes in chat (yea, it was very annoying)
  • Siren for the United Nations
  • Removed whitelist from Judge skin
  • When looking at a locked vehicle, it now says "Unlock (L)". When looking at a unlocked vehicle, it now says "Enter (E) | Trunk (T) | Lock (L)".
    • This hopefully helps new players so they don't have to ask in chat every time
  • Air vehicles that were used for illegal actions repeatedly ignoring warnings will now get marked with an warrant. When UN/Police/SCO looks at the vehicle, they will recognize it as threat / wanted. Note that the warrant is attached to the vehicle, not the player (!!!). If the player changes the air vehicle the warning is gone. If someone i.e. steals this wanted vehicle, it will still have the warning for him - so be careful.
  • Fixed nametags for some objects
  • Fixed the messy walls at supermarket.
  • Typo mistakes: Renamed solider intosoldier, police constable into chief constable
  • Measures against no-recoil hacks
  • Few steps against the issue with duplicate scroll options (not completly solved, but its's getting better and better)

1st Hotfix after Feedback
  • Replaced the siren system with the new ArmA 3 / ArmiLife siren system
  • Fixed a bug where UN / Police / Medics can only hear their own sirens from other faction vehicles
  • Fixed an older issue where Police / UN / Medics could repeatedly activate the siren, spamming it.
  • Perfomance improvements
  • It's also good testing in advance for A3 ^^
6/23/2018 Casino lockout, Jail release
  • Casino now has a lockout.
  • Reduced ridiculous long lockout times that went over an hour
  • Introduced a more performant system instead of having a loop running every second just to count down the time variable
  • The "1" menu now lists remaining bank / casino closure time and also the bank lockout time
  • Removed some annoying protection variables that didn't do their job and could be abused
  • Attached the "Pay Bail" option to the actual prison object instead of having it on the player object.
  • Added an "Request release" option to jail for people that fell into prison or got in by other accidents.
  • Removed UN Flag at police base
  • Fixed the hit & run warrant
  • Fixed the "you are already picking up an item" message not going away bug
  • Security updates (only of interest for other devs)
  • Fixed some typos´╗┐
6/14/2018 More features and fixes
  • Chat command for weapon stocks ( /stock weapons )
  • More performant way of air defense
  • Same items in factory as in gunshop
  • Permissions for UN jailbus
  • Various crimes renamed to Arrest Warrant, only applied to civs.
  • Increase price for terrorist license
  • Performance improvements with cuffs / zipties
  • Cleanup of old code / files
  • Fixed a serious security issue with map scripts
6/9/2018 The comeback!
You believed this project is dead and forgotten just because it's an older game? Well, you're wrong!

  • Added many vehicle skins for different factions
  • Added skins for SCO, Police and Medics
  • Fixed a rare issue where paychecks could endless stack into the negative
  • Robbery with hacking kit or gun.
  • Reduced waiting times for capturing gang areas
  • Reopened west border
  • Price adjustments (Guns more costly, gun factory more worthy)
  • Compress Loading Image
  • Fixed vehicle storages / trunks
  • Added SUV for SCO
  • Only 3 cops required for civs to rob bank / casino or for taking hostages.
  • Vodnik working again for medics
1/20/2016 Big Update including new war system!
Ay caramba! So once in a while I release some rather unannounced updates and features - here they come again.

It'll bring some forced balance between the countries, fixes some long time annoying bugs you've waited ages for, adds lots of realism and finally bring a the long time discussed prison back.

Update Part #1 [100% finished]

New, unbugged gang system!! Yay! I finally motivated myself to do this unthankful job, a new gang system is finally finished, membership counter added, no false members being displayed, no more gang owner- / membership is lost due bugs. On top you will now always know where your gang members are located at :)

New Jail (System) Yeeep, 3 members made a draft, it was long-time discussed and almost forgotten... we're getting a new hackable prison with airlocks and a self-defence system against choppers which try to do a prison break :) It can be found at the old central border and be useable by north- & south.

Border Defence System A system was implemented which allows the UN to give a flight permission to an air vehicle. Air vehicles which illegal border cross without a permission now will get a total of 3 warnings. A new flight permission resets the warnings. Ignoring the warnings too often will result having your air vehicle [not the player!] added to a blacklist. Once you are on the blacklist, the border defences will activate itself once you approach the border line (1km). You can still evade these with good pilot skills and/or flares (yay flares have a purpose!)!

This was very deeply tested and was implemented to prevent excessive abuse of air vehicles for illegal border crossing aswell as for trolling.

Other Changes:
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't select security cameras on the map
  • Added/modified some animations
  • Added different hacking difficulties

Update Part #2 [100% finished]
Rise of the South

This will kick your butt! With the new group system, you'll be able to found a south government as leader of the gang. Requirement is a minimum of 5 members. Once your group drops below 4 members, south gov will dissolve itself!

The south and its government is an essential part of Takistan Life and I want to encourage the usage of it - not necessarily for war but for other RP conflicts and more varety! That's why: If the leader is a south citizen, he may only pay 60k, north citizens pay 100k. All members of the leaders gang will be able to access the south gov shops.

But now the more ass kicking part: War! Usually this means that the Police Forces/UN battles with the South Gov. Sometimes the UN deploys some refugee camps, but they are rare as they aren't really used... the civillians of the nations keep rather uninvolved in these conflicts which rather gives a great advantage to the northern "force".

This hereby changes! War means WAR! Now once a !!government!! (not police, not UN) declares war it'll affect every single player on the server! During a 10 minutes preparation period, you'll be asked if you wish to defend your country depending on your citizenship. Hitting yes will give you a during war an unchangeable uniform, to obtain futher war equipment, you must meet up at your gov complex where the government may reparts weapons to players wearing the war skin. If you choose NO, you may seek UNs protection or choose your own path (on your own risk). Once an enemy (armed!) unit enters the other faction base, a timer will start. If you can hold the enemy base for 10 minutes, you win.

Some other changes:
  • South is now able to set own laws
  • Custom laws are now shared with newly connecting players
  • Name of south leader is now displayed in the 1-Menu with his laws
  • Added a check if UN is manning the border before warnings are given
  • !! Refreshing BB Keys fixes the issue where you couldn't interact with other players and/or objects (i.e. bugged E key, scroll options...) !!
  • To prevent chat spamming by server messages, most messages are now displayed as hint or as white text on screen (title text)

I know you love & hate me :p it will be released soon after doing some final testing - hope you'll enjoy it :d
9/28/2015 Update
  • Ziptied players can now be dragged (by civs)
  • Removed old code
  • Cars now spawn at south spawn
  • Added marker to gunshop
  • Cops & UN can now use the "Unrestrain" option to remove zipties.
  • Civs, Cops & UN no longer see the district markers on the map! Cops only see north marker so they can orient themself
7/22/2015 MILESTONE!
  • The constitution is the basic law of takistan and will stay even after server restarts! Every citizen and takistan government is bound to this law! PM & South Gov laws must not break any points of the constitution else (and only) the UN / Judge can declare them void! To add a new paragraph to the constitution, you need 1 judge and 1 UN Member with the rank "Sergeant" or above! The judge suggests new paragraphs, the highest ranked UN player must condemn or sign the paragraph.

  • Citizenships: When you first login as civ, you will be able too chose between north and south citizenship. Choosing the southern citizenship will let you spawn in the new south civspawn!

  • ID Cards: The "Check Licenses" option was removed and the interaction menus overworked. You'll notice a new background, relocated buttons aswell as one new Button "Check Papers". This option is available for all factions and will show the new ID card + all licenses of a player.

  • Saving System: Additional things that will be saved:
    • 1 personal vehicle
    • Your selected citizenship
    • Constitution

  • Pets: Pets have been fixed. Respawn & Biting now works without any problems what makes them a option to consider as they can easily decide the outcome of a fight.

  • Performace Improvements:
    • Removed/merged more server-side loops
    • The server will now only once transfer the position of small object. This also has the advantage that the beautiful checkpoints / bases you sometimes build can't be destroyed by ramming anymore (i.e. signs, roadcones, etc). Bargates are not affected by this. Here a list of other things affected:
      • Impounded vehicles
      • Placed objects
      • Stuff dropped on death
    • The server will no longer randomly spawn wildlife
    • Several small objects on the map
    • If owner of a impounded vehicle is not online or the car is too damaged, it gets deleted.

  • Sergeant Menu & Districts: Cops can now be assigned the following districts by sergeant and above:
    • None (Default)
    • North
    • North/East
    • North/West
    • South
    • Patrol Duty
    • Off-Duty
    • Suspended [This will remove all coprights of a cop and kick him to the lobby after 5min.]
    The Sergeant menu will also show your current faction, rank & assigned district.

  • Anti-AFK: If you are AFK for longer than 15 minutes you'll be kicked! Any keyboard input will reset the timer.

  • Other Gameplay Changes:
    • Vehicle Information cleaned up and now shows the name of the original owner of a vehicle even if he disconnected.
    • Judges become a increased paycheck of $+500 to their current income.
    • Increase police paycheck by $150, however if you don't do the job assigned to you, you'll loose $150.
    • Casino & Bank recover more money.

  • Bugfixes:
    • Removed depricated code.
    • Fixed ground attached C4
    • Added description to lawyers
6/22/2015 Update
Professions (more to be added)
  • Added "Professions" window
  • Available at clothing shops, hospital and court.

  • Judge
    • There only can be one judge at once on the server
    • You must be a BB member
    • Added description
  • Lawyer
    • There only can be two lawyers at once on the server
    • There must be atleast 1 Judge online
    • Lawyers wear a special suit, if they change clothes they will loose their job as Lawyer
  • Medic
    • There only can be three medics at once on the server
    • Added description

  • Added unarmed, skinned BTR40 for all UN players (thanks to Jordan W.K. White)
  • Added possibility to call a jailbus at border
    • Must be playing as UN
    • Must be a BB Member
    • Jailbus will take 2 minutes. If prisoners are unrestrained when the Bus arrives, they will not be picked up.
  • Fixed notebooks at border, they weren't entirely visible.

  • Added a constitution (press 4), judges can add new paragraphs to it with approval of the UN.
  • Hospital Shop now only available for medics.
  • Removed judge shop (now profession)
  • Overworked several scripts, general bugfixes, code style, etc.
3/21/2015 Medics, Driving
Medic Changes
  • Medics get a free speedupgrade in their vehicles
  • Medics vehicles can't be stolen anymore
  • Only Medics can now access medic vehicles
  • Medics wont get flashed by speedcams
  • Medics now have a chat-tag

Gameplay Changes
  • Fixed gravity for vehicles in combination with speedupgrades
  • Made the usage of tanks harder
  • Driver license and Truck license no longer share the same demerit points.
  • Fixed speedcams
  • Smaller vehicles (Bikes) will be deleted instead of being impounded

Other changes
  • Added an option to protest against the Gov / PM giving feedback to the UN
  • Added a line that shows the overall acceptance of the PM - will be reseted as soon as the PM changes
  • Cleaned up the stats menu (1)
  • Added new dialog for general info as client & server stats (not relevant for RP) press Shift + 1 to open the dialog (also shows how many medics are on)
  • Removed all remaining NPCs - added a counter for NPCs
  • Added a whitescreen for unconscious players to block sight - sadly disabling the chat is only possible in arma 3 and modded servers
  • Reduced size of mission 7.026KB -> 6.632KB
2/16/2015 AntiCheat, Damage calc
New AntiCheat
With this patch we will get an improved IG-Anti-Cheat to get rid of more script kiddies.

New Damage Calculation
Due recent problems with the (stuns could kill, shoot in the legs kills, etc.) I have modified the damage script. Note that arma often doesn't return correctly which body part was hit but from now on hitting the hands will not kill instead the accurancy of the player will be reduced a lot. Same with hitting the legs, damage (hopefully) will be calculated correctly however, shooting somebodys legs won't kill him yet disable his ability to walk.

After stacking some damage, a shot in the head or body will lead to unconsciousness. Shooting the unconscious player will kill him.

  • Removed a bug where the medic gets an emergency call when the patient is dead.
  • Added a marker for illegal border gap on the map
1/25/2015 ArmiPhone, Medics, Drugs
The next patch brings an adjusted feature of my Arma 3 ArmiLife mission, reverts and price adjustments.

The ArmiPhone is a simple Smartphone that makes the access to features relevant for player-interaction easier. First off, to be able to use the Smartphone you must have such in your inventory. The Smartphone is a droppable item means that i.e. hostage takers can force you to drop it or hand it over.
The 3 first apps of ArmiPhone bring a new feature to our server: Emergency calls. Emergency calls allow you to send your current position to a specific faction. The faction will get a top-priority message with your name and marker on the map which will be automatically deleted after a few minutes. At this moment the following factions can be contacted: Police, UN & Medics.

The apps in the 2nd row will allow you to access existing features such as the Map, the SMS feature and remote Voting. To increase the participation in votings Cops can now Vote a CC over their Smartphone. Same goes for Civs and UN for the PM.
The last app (config) will allow to access some settings where you can change your viewdistance, change terrain quality and enable/disable to grass.

Medic System
The old revival system is comming back with some changes. Now when you're unconscious, you'll get a window asking you if you want to contact a medic. Pressing YES will launch an emergency call, NO will lead to suicide. Note that even if you're selecting YES you may die if no medic is responding.
Unconscious players still can be killed by shooting them (that's why medics should look closely at server messages).

Drug balancing
Doing drugs now will bring more income than any other legal resource. Also, you'll be able to process drugs without owning the specific gang area aslong as the gangarea is owned by any gang HOWEVER be careful about the owners as they will get a penalty if you do so and therefore will try to keep you away or even to catch up with you. Also an old almost forgotten feature getting in your way which allows to UN and Cops to interrogate the drug sellers about recent drug sells.

Other changes
  • Reduced to price of C4
  • Increased the price of all air vehicles
  • Added a limit to emergency calls, max one call every 10 minutes - this doesn't apply to emergency calls made by the server.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't pick up stuff
  • Markers now show the name of the caller.
  • Added a message when the emergency call was successfully sent.
  • Removed a bug where you only could kill a unconscious after he called a medic / suicided

About other bug reports:
  • That the markers can't be manually deleted is not a bug. They get automatically deleted.
  • The marker doesn't appear on the screen of the player who made the call as it's not relevant to him.
12/2/2014 C4
Added C4!
  • Only for whitelisted and terrorists
  • Can be attached to vehicles, buildings and ground
  • Cops and UN can defuse, on defuse the name of the C4 owner is given
  • Shown on the map as (see picture above)
  • Fixed spikestrips
  • Fixed moneygaps
  • Fixed a bug where Sound Files werent found
  • Removed a restriction, that only allowed civs to mine resources [caused errors]
  • Fixed H-Barriers and Bargates for UN
  • Removed Grass by default
  • Fixed Gov Convoy?
10/6/2014 Update
  • Changed donator shops, donators now may freely access all vehicles and weapons as UN/Civ/Cop
  • Changed the prices of licenses
  • Adjusted the licenses needed for different ig-items
  • Fixed player robbery
  • Removed/Replaced a few unneeded NPCs
8/23/2014 Update
  • Fixed saving of licenses and factories
  • Fixed donators
  • Fixed robbery script
  • Fixed global (Note Press "Enter" too chat (not the numpad one))
  • Mods and higher can chatban via the modmenu (open it -> select the player -> enter number of minutes in the textbox or enter 0 to unban -> click chatban)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented your stats from saving since v2.4.0
  • Fixed a bug where everyone could access every shop
8/22/2014 New Chat- & Donatorsystem
New Chatsystem
  • Global voice chat deactivated.
  • Added Chat-Tags infront of yourd name when talking over global (i.e. [DEV] or [Admin] including [Guest] or [BB] but also [PM] or [CC])
  • Admins get the possibility to temporarily/permanently ban people from global chat
  • Added chat filter that assign warning points resulting in a temporal ban if stacked too high
  • You can now simply use the "Enter" key (not the numpad one) too chat.

New Donatorsystem
  • Removed all donator bases.
  • Merged the donator shops with normal shops.
  • Donator Guns: Gun Store [or UN/Cop Base], Cars, Trucks, Air vehicles etc. [Car shop, truck shop etc.], all the other donator stuff [Equipment shop, UN/Cop Base]

  • Cops and UN cant't access civ donator weapons and vice versa.
  • Cops can't access UN weapons and vice versa.
  • Ranked cops / UN have access to other donator weapons than the without any rank in that faction

  • Removed FNFAL
  • Fixed size of Moderator Menu
  • CC now has the ability to kick cops to a civ slot
8/10/2014 Pets
Pet System
From now on you can buy pets at the pet shop.
As pet owner, press U to control your pet. As pet press Space to bite.

Available Pets:
  • Rabbits
  • 2 Dogs
  • Sheeps
  • 3 Cows
  • 2 Cocks
7/16/2017 Speedupgrades, Holster
Currently you notice that most players drive around in SUVs and LandRovers because of its great speed and/or ramming power. However, I want that all vehicles to bring their own advantages.

From now on there is a speedcap of 140 mph for ALL vehicles, this shall also help some players with desync issues. The speedupgrades now accelerate almost all vehicles to that speed and make them a considerable alternative to SUVs and LandRovers.

Other Changes
  • You will now fail the bankrobbery if you enter a vehicle while robbing
  • Added a new holster script
  • Added a own function that returns the selected handgun weapon of a target
  • Fixed a bug with the cargo drop script
  • Fixed a bug with a BIS function
  • Fixed a bug where the GS script spams the client/server logs
  • MP5SD & Bizon now can be holstered
  • Fixed a bug where you can loose your ammo on holstering a primary weapon
  • Disabled the "Respawn" button.
  • Added a global speedlimit of 140km/h.
7/1/2014 Steam Update
GameSpy is gone, Steam takes its place and brings new challenges. Many servers had to close after this update because not only the server config, but also the scripts weren't compatible. Sadly this affects us aswell. In order to bring the mission back up the following changes have been made:

  • Bombs and Explosives (Pipe Bomb excluded)
  • Holster scripts
  • Dynamic lightning script
  • Carparks
  • Lotto

  • BB Keys (you may feel the change in gameplay, reduced the chance of 1 entry to appear twice or more often in scroll list)
  • Adapted all scripts to the new arma 2 update
  • Increased the money recovery speed of the bank safe
  • Vehicles that you buy now spawn instantly
  • Various bugfixes
6/7/2014 HOT! Bank robbery
Bank robbery
A big change will happen to it in this patch.
  • Removed the long animation when robbing a safe, instead bank robbers must stand in the bank area for atleast 5 minutes to get the money without getting restrained, or being killed.
  • Increased the money from bankrobberies
  • Removed 2 safes as there is no point in having 3 now.
  • Removed the alarm from cop base as it caused bugs and often went on a way too late.

Other changes
  • Blocked central border checkpoint - Removed the ability to open/close central - Removed laptop from central - changed marker
  • Improved script which puts players in vehicles
  • Readded the ability for stunned people to move/drive while stunned (in vehicle). It doesn't work reliable and caused bugs when restraining someone.
  • Added the laser pointer to the Wildcats gunner seat
  • Factories are now completly dependend from your bank account, it's not longer needed to put money in the storage. This has several reasons as it fixes multiple bugs and encourages player to use the factories more often. To earn money by refilling the stocks of shops now is a lot easier and safer.
  • Moved the position where people spawn when they go out of gamearea to west border
  • Added a timer when being restrained. You automatically will manage to free yourself after being restrained for 5 minutes.
  • Added the ability for official UN members to set people wanted for illegal border crossing via the notebooks at border checkpoints.
  • Removed the resource Coal as it is causing problems. There are enough alternatives which are better and yet unused.
  • Removed the speakers from prison to lower heli crashes in rasman & prison. Made some missing walls indistructable.
  • Lowered the price of all bombs (not IEDs) as they're not being used and Terror license expensive enough.
  • Bombs can now be attached to the outside of a vehicle but you may must crawl under the car to plant the bomb (depending on the target vehicle)
  • Removed an animation for everyone when someone robs the gov convoy
  • Fixed passport seller
  • Fixed cop & UNPOL menu
  • Made some general improvements to the wanted script
  • Removed a hint message that pops ups when you set someone wanted
5/28/2014 Patch
  • Fixed Shift+F
  • Fixed a bug where items get deleted when you take things out of a storage while your inventory is full.
  • Fixed a bug where UN gets TPed out of their base when connecting
  • Reduced UN paychecks a bit
  • Removed the "(saved)" string from the private storages. Privates storages are not meant to be saved yet so this is not a bug!
  • Fixed a bug where: Civs couldn't enter cop or UN base (also you don't die anymore) ; UN couldn't enter copbase ; cops couldn't enter UN base

On request of the UN General:
  • Removed BMP3
  • Removed M47 Dragon (AT, with auto-lock)
  • Added SMAW (AT, max. 500m, no auto-lock)
5/5/2014 IMPORTANT! Whitelists
All BB members must be listed as such or above in the DB to access the members base!

SCO19 must be listed in the DB aswell from now on. If you have 2 police ranks always let the admin list with you with your SCO19 rank!

  • All whitelisted areas are now freely accessible for everyone. Only the shops themself have been locked.
  • Removed all triggers
  • Fixed a bug with UN & SCO19 whitelisted areas
  • Lowered server <-> clients time difference after longer uptime
  • Fixed a bug where you loose your weapon after being stunned
  • Fixed a bug where the entire car is a stunable hitbox
  • You no longer need a license to process drugs, oil, glass or diamond. It broke realism and now offers good alternatives to platinum.
  • Increased the money from drug dealing
  • Added the ability for cops and UN to search and interrogate drug sellers (NPCs)
4/28/2014 Update
General Changes
  • Overworked jail & bounty system
  • Overworked remote system
  • Removed the ability to shoot / throw stones in civspawn
  • Added a window where you must confirm that you want to declare terrorism!
  • Removed the Item Info from settings (outdated & buggy)
  • Combined different windows from the settings menu
  • Updated the FAQ and About window.

Police changes
  • Added a message when cop gets paid for an arrest
  • Changed access to police sergeant box
  • Replaced triggers in copbase with removable objects

Medic changes
  • Emergency Services can now impound ground vehicles
  • Emergency Services can now repair vehicles (without repairkit) [no payment, make deals]
  • Emergency Services can now scrap destroyed and very heavily damaged vehicles which can't be repaired. This includes the ability to extinguish fires.

  • Fixed a bug where cops aren't paid for arrest (reward = targets bounty (+ paid bail))
  • Fixed 2 bugs where your jailtime gets resetted.
  • Fixed a bug where you can spam-export objects from factories
  • Removed an unused trigger and marker from civspawn
  • Fixed a bug where you keep the option "Declare terrorism" after declaring.

As result of the votes, the following changes have been temporarily made:
  • Removed the unconsciousness feature
  • Removed the ability for medics to revive
but you can expect them to return soon.
4/24/2014 Update
Saving System
  • Removed the "Save Stats" option, stats save now works completly automatically
  • BattlEye & Admin bans / kicks won't make you save your game
  • Factories are fixed and now being saved!

Other Changes
  • PM & CC voting fixed
  • Removed all known/reported possibilities to glitch money in
  • Fixed a bug where you can't access shops after being released from prison
  • Fixed a bug where you can't access scroll actions as medic
  • Fixed a bug where dead bodies spam the server with groups
  • Fixed a bug where the warrantlist resets every 2-X minutes
  • Fixed a bug where your licenses get removed when you're the victim / hit by car
  • Removed assassination mission, will later be replaced with another (sorry)
  • Removed "Fix headbug" option
  • Getting a impounded vehicles back will cost $250 (Motorcycles & Bics $75)
4/7/2014 MILESTONE! Saving system, Anti-Bird
Important! This is one of the biggest updates the TKL Server ever had so some bugs are unavoidable. Please report any bugs you may find to me or Andy. All donators and staff members please talk to Maverick or another admin to get their rank or donator status back.

The medic and factory system has been disabled and shouldn't be used until the next patch is released.

[07.04.2014 - 21:00] -> Fixed a bug for non-steam clients

Saving system & noticeable performance improvement
Are you tired of waiting hours for your stats too load? Me too! That's why I decided to throw the old TKL saving system to the trash and re-invent it - with great success!
From now on, all your stats will load in less then a second and on top of that even more stats will be saved! No more whitelists, no more wipes!!, no more passwords, no more stats loss, no more waiting! The new saving system makes everything easier - for players and staff :)

Goal: Bring all points to 100%
  • New Saving system [100%]
    • Database (Tables, Procedures/Routines, etc.) [100%]
    • ArmiNET [100%]
    • Added a security to prevent spam saving [100%]
    • Added login screen that shows the current status of your stats [100%]
    • Giving stats load/saving a top priority to the server [100%]
    • Communication between Database <-> Server [100%]
    • Communication between Server <-> Client [100%]
    • Replace the saving system [100%]
  • Optimizing broadcasts [100%]
  • Remove map triggers [40%]
  • Removed some NPCs, overworked grouping system
  • Overworked Delivery Mission: Replaced Delivery points with another existing NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where you can't change your clothes after a specific server up time
  • Your bounty will now save when you leave the server. When you rejoin you'll have your previous bounty with "Various Crimes" as reason.
  • Removed some NPCs, overworked NPC groups
  • A little surprise

Eureka! Several years of TKL scripting by so many different developers working on 1 single mission. The gang system, gov convoy, clothing system, VIP mission, taxi mission, rebels mission, all the slots, all the NPCs on the map, etc... they brought us the curse of the black crows.

I wanted to release this together with the new saving system in 2 weeks but after a lot of thinking and searching in the deeps of all the arma 2 I finally found a way to fix the bird slots. It's very unlikely that they'll ever appear again, but just to be sure an option "Remove Birdslots" has been added in the 0-0- menu.

Cop changes
  • Impounding vehicles will now bring $200, $30 for motorcycles and bics instead of $5
  • Added wildcat

Other Bugfixes
  • Fixed bird slots
  • Fixed a bug where you can change your clothes while in vehicle
  • Greatly improved FPS for everyone
  • Fixed patrol mission: you are not longer send to the southern deserts.
3/25/2014 Patch
This patch mainly contains some bug fixes and a few performance improvements to prepare the game for the new saving system (the new saving system and bird slot fix is not included in this patch)
  • Removed global message if someone shoots in a base (now local only)
  • Server was excluded from several broadcasts (i.e. Chat messages)
  • Fixed a bug where UN spawn in the desert
  • Fixed a bug where you lay down in car when being stunned
  • Readded the Makarov SD to Tier 2-4
  • Changed the license needed for the RPK from terrorist to automatic rifle
  • When stunned while in car, you'll loose control over it for 10 seconds
3/9/2014 HOT! Court, Skins, Remotes
For better RolePlay, a court building with holding cells, lawyers room, search room etc. has been placed. (Thanks to Elvis for the map editing)

Remote Controls
Remote controls will add more dynamic to the Game but I added them in first place to replace it with the map triggers.
All over the map there will be Notebooks (i.e. UN Base, Court, Borders etc.) sometimes protected by a password which will allow you depending on your rank/faction and the notebooks position the following things:
  • Place/Remove Border Lockdown
  • Open/Close different border checkpoint (bargates will remotly close, persisten marker will change color & text etc.)
  • Open/Close court cells
  • Access Members Base

Cop changes
Added 2 new awesome police skins (full credits go to Brent) The skins can be found in patrol and criminal response ammobox

UN changes
  • Remote Codes posted in UN Forum!
  • M113 UN (Ambulance) available
  • BMP3 available (not as strong as BMP2!)

Medic changes
  • Added the ability for medics to heal hands/legs
  • Added the medic blackhawk

Other balance & gameplay changes
  • Legs & Hands now count as stunable hitbox!
  • Added global message if someone falls unconscious
  • Added the ability to kill someone that is unconscious
  • Overworked stun & bullet scripts, should now work more reliable and realistic
  • Headshots are now normally handled by arma 2. Means: If you shoot someone in the head you highly risk to kill him.
  • Due new server rules (6) the price of south gov license was reduced to from 250k to 140k
  • Removed the ammoboxes with stones, if you need one pick it from the ground with Shift+R

Bugfixes & performance improvement
  • Removed the ability to spam-stun
  • Overworked shops (all shops should now load faster)
  • Updated (merged) the election system, it will refresh every 5 RL minutes
  • Updated GovConvoy: Removed passengers
  • Fixed a bug where you can Shift+F someone when unconcious
  • Fixed a bug where you can Unholster a weapon while unconcious
  • Fixed a bug where skins don't load after you respawn
  • Fixed a bug where you spawn in the wrong base

The filesize also has been reduced significantly from +10100 kb to 9672 kb.
Thanks to Brent and Andy for all the testing.
2/4/2014 HOT! Medics, Copbase, UN Jobs
Medics available!
Since the uniform system now works stable, there will be a medic job in this update.

Damage values:
  • Chance of dying: 5%
  • Chance of getting unconscious: 94.9%
  • Everything else: 0.1%

If dead: Coroner must remove your dead body
If unconscious: Medic must medicate/revive you.
If injured: Medic must heal you / medikit.

This includes all ways to get damaged (i.e. getting shot or jumping off building)

Police changes
  • New awesome copbase! (thanks to Elvis)
  • Removed ability to heal

UN changes
  • UN soliders will no longer be affected by bankrobberies
  • Added helipads to border checkpoints

Increased the payment for UN significantly for:
  • Any UN personell guarding a border checkpoint
  • Being close to border Barriers or Gaps
  • Being close to a zone given by the UN high command

Misc changes & Bugfixes
  • Fixed passport sellers @ east & west border checkpoint
  • Fixed a bug where stuff despawned after 1 hour (@ Border)
  • Fixed clothing shop
  • Fixed SCO19 skin
  • Fixed CR skin
1/16/2014 HOT! Uniforms available!
-> More info <-

Disabled the respawn and abort button while dead

United Nations
  • Removed all spikestrips around UN Base
  • Enabled space key for warrant check

  • Fixed Medkits
  • Fixed "any" bug (Rebels)
  • Car repair will now cancel if you enter the car before repair is finished.
  • Increased repair, refuel and healtime by 2 seconds
  • Fixed gas station & supermarket robbery
1/2/2014 Update
Rebels (new mission): A rebel army tries to terrorise Takistan. Can the UN and SCO19 stop them?

Anti-Cheat Fixed anti-cheat scripts or better, removed anti-anti-cheat scripts (wtf? who implemented that ^^)

Vehicle System
  • Access to vehicles after disconnect!
    You all know the pain when your client suddenly looses the connection to the server and you loose the access to all of your vehicles. With this, the owner of a vehicle get an exclusive access to it (not via keys) even if the server kicks you out.
  • New repair, refuel and healing script
    As suggested by Sam, this script function forces you to leave your vehicle if you want to refuel or repair it. Small repair kits are no longer needed and have been removed. Usage: simply stand close and look at the target vehicle. Medkits can be used at any time.

    NOTE: The repair/refuel/heal time is now dependend on the current damage of the target (the more damage, the more time it takes to fix it)
  • Spikestrips
    Spikestrips will no longer affect tanks, air vehicles or bicycles. Spikestrips will now only pop your tires instead of damaging the complete vehicle. Increased their reliability.

Bugfixing, script improvements
Several scripts have been rewritten to functions. Removed some buggy animations. Removed the following files:
  • AdminINT.sqf
  • AdminMenu2.sqf
  • AdminSelect2.sqf
  • player-anti-darky.sqf
  • Antihack.sqf
  • debug.sqf
  • elevatordown.sqf
  • elevatorside.sqf
  • elevatorup.sqf
  • Gods.sqf (-> now included in AdminSelect.sqf)
  • antilock.sqf (remove exec from init)
  • bargateprotect.sqf (very ineffective, remove exec from init)
  • guntest.sqf
  • medikit.sqf
  • repair.sqf
  • largerepair.sqf
  • refuelveh.sqf
6/2/2013 Update
6 Months break!
6/1/2013 Update
  • Divided all money values by 10
  • Lowered platinum selling price
  • Bugfix: SCO19 and Copslot 10 fixed.
  • BB-Keys bug fixed
  • M9 lethal ammunition added for patrol officers
  • MP5 stun ammunition added for criminal response
  • Cops and UN are able to pickup spikestrips now
  • Changed starting money from 18501 to 1000
  • Increased convoy rewards - $3.5k for Cops/UN, $15k for Civs
  • Each workplace increases paycheck by $75
5/18/2013 Update
  • Car shop 3 fixed
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • Fixed the glitch at mayor shop
  • On Mavericks request: increased bail to 30k per minute
  • UN are able to drag restained players into vehicles (tanks excluded)
  • UN bodies will despawn on death
  • Cop 10 and 11 will spawn with skin
  • Cops are now able to drag restrained players
5/14/2013 Update
  • Fixed bugs regarding cop slots
  • Removed one itemshop in rasman (1 left)
  • Removed some unneeded triggers from the map
  • Renamed "G36C SD" into "G36C SD Camo"
  • Added 30Rnd 556x45 (not Stagnag)
  • Removed M14 Aim for UN
  • Added M110 as whitelisted UN weapon
  • SOBR Training now costs 125k instead of 10k
  • Adjusted price of most licenses
  • Adjusted bail. $10k = 1 minute less jailtime
  • Adjusted bounties. Each 1k bounty = 1 minute jailtime
  • Removed Nitro, Speedupgrade and golden AK from the membershop
  • Lowered convoy escort rewards for UN and Police
  • Removed some vehicles from SCO19
  • Updated Donator and Adminlist
  • Removed Itembags
  • Max Jailtime implemented and set to 18 minutes
5/11/2013 Update
  • Donator and Adminlists updated
  • Terrorist Base fixed
  • Jailing system fixed
  • UN Test: Added ability to drag restrained players. If there are no reported bugs cops will receive the ability aswell
  • Cops can impound vehicles again
  • Removed PP system - will use the bounty system instead
  • Lockpicks and Lighters now count as illegal item
  • VIP Shop: Fixed T1 shop and T3 CZ & G36C
5/2/2013 Update
The priorites have changed. The mission filesize was decreased by over 20KB, this sicnifanctly reduces the waiting time after new patches by minutes! My new main focus will lay on bugfixing and performance imporvement. Over the years countless developers just throwed their code in not understanding how the arma engine works creating many perfomance eaters and critical security leaks.
  • Readded the training areal and SCO19 shooting range until we get a new one done.
  • Overworked the keypad system
  • Fixed SCO19 base & Membersbase
  • Removed 32 loops for items in the code and merged it into one single dynamic loop
  • Moved some unimportant tasks from the server to the clients
  • Fixed several bugs regarding cop slots (including skins)
  • Usability of the cop wanted menu improved
4/28/2013 Update
The full wantedlist now only can be obtained from the server and is not longer handled by the clients. With this patch, you will get the full wantedlist as soon as you join the game.
  • Whitelisted all UN lethal weapons except M9
  • Added my own little but effective moneyhack detection
  • Spikestrips fixed
  • Modified the copmenu, you can now select criminal offenses from a dropdown list for warrants
  • Warrants are now lost on death
4/24/2013 Update
Colorcodes added to Scrollmenu
  • Green: General actions
  • Blue: Cop actions
  • Red: Illegal actions
  • Pink: Admin actions
Bounty System
  • Bounty for robbing supermarket added
  • All bounties adjusted
  • Bounty removed per second reduced to $60
  • Newest bounty now shows first in wanted list
  • Removed release menu for cops, use unwanted menu instead
  • CivCam removed
Please remember that bounties stack up and that you can pay bail to reduce your jailtime!
4/22/2013 Update
  • With terror license you now get the option "Declare Terrorism". Declaring Terrorism gives you max. bounty and gets you wanted
  • Getting flashed without license gives you a warrant with bounty
  • The complete wanted system was overworked, it works much more stable now
  • The prison time now depends on your total bounty
  • UN groups removed
  • Overworked the PP system
3/24/2013 Update
  • Government Convoy overworked. It's now fixed for civilians
  • The UN now can retrive cars at their base. UN cars won't spawn in cop base any longer
  • Removed depricated stuff from the menus
  • Added Penalty Points
2/15/2013 Update
  • Added speedcams & warrant contol via space