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8/4/2022 10:56:46 PM by Armitxes MySQL Entity Core is now officially available as Nuget packgage via GitHub or Nuget.

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6/13/2022 1:58:22 AM by Armitxes The Takistan Life server files and installation instructions have been updated.
5/12/2021 12:00:00 AM by Armitxes Our mod Vehicle Seatbelts received a minor update. The seatbelt icon should now always be displayed at the correct position beside the other vehicle icons.
2/17/2021 12:00:00 AM by Armitxes We introduced Communities and Community Servers!

We reworked the api & server system. Every player may now create his own community. Each Community may have Community Servers for the different games & projects we provide. This new feature will make it easier to manage your servers and your player base.

Another long requested feature is the implementation of server keys!. Before the API authentication was done via your servers IP address. This is no longer the case. At the profile page of your community server you can now generate and download a server key that will be used to identify your server through the API. Please read the updated installation instructions for project/game related instructions.

We now officially support dynamic and static IP addresses aswell as IPv4 and IPv6 for the API access.
2/17/2021 12:00:00 AM by Armitxes As most websites, we implemented a "cookie bar" for you to inform yourself about cookies we deploy. We also updated our privacy policy by adding detailed information about cookies we deploy. We will optimize the cookiebar further with upcomming updates.

In relation to this topic we want to warn you about something that surprisingly nobody is talking about: Scripts. Like cookies almost every website uses them and they are temporarily stored on your computer. The mayor difference is that scripts may also locally execute code logic on your machine without you noticing.

To improve the usability of our website we rely, as most other websites, on such scripts for basic website functionality. This includes but is not limited to table sorting/search features, pagers or notification messages. We are very critical about script usage and try to reduce it's usage a bit further with every released patch.

That being said, there are entire companies dedicated to developing such scripts as there many websites who abuse such scripts to track your behavior. This can go from tracking pages you visit up to your keyboard input and mouse movement. Mostly this information is collected for advertising purposes but may as well be abused for other criminal activities. Thereby we strongly advise you to use an adblocker and script blocker such as "NoScript" to further protect your privacy.

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