Takistan Life: Rise of the South

HOT! Public Servers available!

Free, no mods, saving system but no database setup, easy management - your own TKL Server in just 5 minutes

We're happy to announce our newest service! "Takistan Life: Rise of South" and "Takistan Life: A new beginning" are now available to any community out there.
You only require a windows machine to start the server, we'll do everything else for you - for free. Simply check out our Server List to found your own server today :-)
There are currently 2953 takistan life players
Any community is hereby allowed to fully modify our Takisten Life mission, if !forked over GitHub! with credits given to Tonic and Armitxes. Bohemia Interactives Monetization rules apply.
[Secure connection. Click on the blue Square.] -> Access all needed files <- An installation guide is in the sources.

What is Takistan Life?

Takistan Life is a RPG mission developed for ArmA2.
It allows its players to slip into an endless list of featured roles and jobs as they please. Join the ranks of the Police, United Nations, Medics, Miner, Pet sitter, PMC, Politican, Gangleader, Dictator... or just become the leader of a custom company and excite other players to join your cause!

Thanks to the continuous development and the new roleplay ideas of every player you will encounter new and exciting challenges every day.

Why BritishBorders?

The community of BritishBorders specialized itself and took over the moderation and hosting of ArmA RP missions.
Since 2012 BB has been expanding itself, today BB-TKL is the most successful ArmA 2 life mission available.

10. 07. 2016: The cooperation with British Borders will not be expanded. As the current state of the mission is stable, the development will now focus on ArmiLife. Any community is hereby granted to continue the project, if you need help in setup please ask for help in the forums.

Armitxes & Takistan Life

My first steps in ArmA and SQF development began with Takistan Life.
Full of ideas and excitement of all the things that you can do and I'm now actively developing for Takistan Life since February 2013.

~100 players are playing Takistan Life daily just on British Borders. It motivates me to see how my changes & updates are giving other players a good time and I hope that you will enjoy your time aswell :)