Stardew Valley: Unlimited Players

Unlimited Players is an open source project for Stardew Valley which enables servers or hosts to get any set amount of players on their farm. Only the host / server requires the mod to be installed.

Please keep in mind that this mod is maintained by a single developer.
More is to come and of course everybody is welcome to join the project if they wish. The code is very easy to understand and even the game code of Stardew Valley itself can be understood with a bit of programming knowledge.

Installation Guide: Check the "Installation" Tab
Latest Test: 16.04.2024 with 9 players
Source Code: GitHub

Current features
  • No limits
    • Removed cabin build limit for host
    • Removed player limit in multiplayer class
    • Removed connection limit in network class
  • Client Mods
    • (Console) Get info about which mods a player uses when joining your server/farm.
    • (Optional) Deny players with certain mods (i.e. cheat mods) from joining your server.
  • Console commands
    • bank statement: Print bank statement about all players with their uid and balance
    • bank suslist: Print bank statement of players with suspicious balance
    • bank wipe {uid}: Wipe account balance of the provided uid

A final note:
This mod is being kept simple and doesn't change too much on the gamecode. It's thereby pretty safe from compatibility issues.
Yet the whole MP mode is pretty new so Chucklefish / Concerned Ape are active in changing the MP code - this can lead to unexpected behaviours and changing (planned) features which, if any appear, are fixed and / or adjusted as quick as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.
Remember: Only the host / server requires the mod.
  1. Install Stardew Valley
  2. If you installed Stardew Valley via Steam, write the following in you launch options including quotes:
    "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\StardewModdingAPI.exe" %command%"
  3. Visit the SMAPI Website and download the latest beta version.
  4. Unzip the downloaded SMAPI file
  5. Choose your installer and install SMAPI
  6. Download Unlimited Players the mod
  7. Find your Stardew Valley installation folder, locate the mods folder in it, and copy the contents of the mod in a new folder inside the mods folder.
    • If you are using steam, you can go in the propierties of stardew valley and click on the "Local Files" tab. In there you can browse your local files in which you can find the mods folder.

  8. Open the config file and set the player limit to whatever you wish.
  9. Ensure that the highlighted message appears in your console.
  10. Host your game and enjoy.
IMPORTANT! Once you host your game, you get asked by your firewall if you with to grant Stardew Valley to access the Internet. You must do this. If you don't, you have to create an inbound rule for Stardew Valley manually in your firewall (open ports or add "stardew valley.exe"). Otherwise players won't be able to access your server / game.
On this page we list known issues and their solutions. Mind that not every listed issue is caused by this mod.
The whole multiplayer is still in Beta and many issues can only be fixed by the game devs themself.
Render issue on relationship tab
  • Crash on relationship tab
  • The scissor rectangle cannot be larger than or outside of the current render target bounds
Reported Solution(s):
  • Install the Social Tab Patch for Unlimited Players by funnysnek (huge thanks!)
  • Play (host & players) in fullscreen and higher / different resolution.
  • Check for players using glitches such as the Item ID as Name glitch.
Disabled "ok" button on character creation screen
  • On creating a new farmer, the "ok" button is greyed out.
Reported Solution(s):
To fix it you must do the following:
  • Open the save file of the farm
  • Find in the file the new user created, it must be after (already playing users are like Playername)
  • After that, find and replace it with the name of your farm
  • An thats it! That should do the trick.
If you have any doubt just tell me so I can explain it a little more :) by GlezSotelo
There are other mods like (or alternatives to) Unlimited Players which will be listed on this page.