Visual Studio Code: SQF Language

Visual Studio Code SQF Language Extension v1.0
An image showing the installation and features of vscode sqf.

VS Code ♥ SQF

Enjoy and boost your development with the full SQF Language support for Visual Studio Code!

Both, the SQF Language and VS Code itself, are an open source project that offer a variety of always expanding features such as highlighters, tfs & git-support, snippets, intellisense, debuggers, themes and much more.

Apart from additional features under current development, the entire development is based on community wishes and suggestions.

SQF Language ♥ SQF Lint

The new extension "SQF Lint" brings an SQF Linter and experimental debugger to SQF Language and VS Code! Try it out now, it's free.

SQF Language
by Armitxes
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SQF Lint
by SkaceKachna
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The future plans...

Multiple features such as a debugger are in the work, but developing everthing on your own takes quite a lot of time & resources.
While there is a broad interest for SQF developers in VS Code and even in our extension as base for other projects, the availability of volunteers willing to form a team is sadly non-existing since several years.

You are allowed to fork our project to test around. You are allowed to fork our project for your own. But instead of many small projects, we encourage every developer interested in VS Code to join forces for something bigger.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to join our discord. We are there to help each other out 😉