Security is a complicated matter that affects and should be important to everyone of us, yet most don't even take minimum precautions.
While I've coded this website my focus layed on avoiding everything that could be used for a breach.

  • All communication between your browser and our server is encrypted.
  • We only collect information truly necessary to operate our services ~ and dump them afterwards.
  • We keep the usage of 3rd party scripts to an absolute minimum and load such dynamically only when needed.
  • Before any query reaches our database it must run through several interfaces, each with own independend checks.
    On top the website only has absolute minimum rights on all levels, queries are strictly predefined to prevent any injections.
  • Of course your passwords are hashed and other data (not all!) is being encrypted on our database.
  • No 3rd party addons in the backend. Everything you see on the Armitxes Network is self made.
  • No ads, never ever!
  • We only deploy cookies for login purposes (session).

Note that no one, including us, can guarantee absolute safety but we make every effort possible to keep your data safe.
We try to keep everything as transparent as possible aslong as it doesn't threaten the security.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding improvements or possible weakspots, we would be very grateful if you contact us about the matter.

Security Check Operated by Rating
SSL (HTTPS) Security Check Mozilla A+ (100%)
SSL (HTTPS) Security Check SSL Labs A
Header Check SecurityHeaders A+
HSTS Check Chromium (Google) HSTS partially available.
API Armitxes No breaches
Database Armitxes No breaches
ArmA 3 Server Armitxes | BattlEye Not available