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Takistan Life
Check out my latest Takistan Life changes for the ArmA 2 community.
18.02.2019 by Armitxes Server Upgrade
We've successfully upgraded our server, thanks for the patience.
24.11.2017 by Armitxes Security Update
Thanks for the patience, the new security update has been successfully deployed.
02.08.2017 by Armitxes Nation applications ingame & over website (login required)!
→ Nations ←
19.06.2017 by Armitxes A first look at the Interactive Map of Tanoa is available.
→ Tanoa Map ←
12.03.2017 by Armitxes VS Code ~ SQF Language v1.0.0 has been released with new mayor features.
 → Project Page ←

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