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Takistan Life
Check out my latest Takistan Life changes for the ArmA 2 community.
15.04.2020 by Armitxes In cooperation with "Lockdown Life" we have updated our Takistan Life API.
Stats are no longer shared between servers for ArmA 2. Yet the feature will stay for ArmiLife/ArmA 3
27.03.2020 by Armitxes An issue with our registration form has been fixed. The account registration is now possible again.
26.03.2020 by Armitxes
We've successfully deployed a mayor update.
  • Full migration to the new open source .NET Core by Microsoft!
  • New website design.
  • Greatly reduced the already low JavaScript usage.
    • Removed the loading system that caused issues on browsers that disabled JavaScript.
  • Mayor performance overhauls, you will notice the difference.
29.03.2019 by Armitxes Do you miss the good old times in ArmA 2? You are not alone!
TKL: Borderlands
28.03.2019 by Armitxes Owners of a Takistan Life Server (ArmA 2) now have the possibility to give other staff members access to the web player management.

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